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We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about 3D Preschool!

3D Preschool was a lifesaver. After interviewing and searching for the right place for my 3 year old son we found 3D. I am impressed by how quickly the teachers can build rapport and relationships with each child individually. The teachers always greet us with a smile. We are truly blessed to have found 3D. They have awesome activities and events for parents and children. I couldnt be happier with the care that my son is receiving. I would highly recommend 3D!
-Natalie Reynolds

3D came as a referral from a friend and we visited during their Open House last year. My daughter LOVED it at the open house. She didn't want to leave and had fun playing outside. She also liked all of the teachers at the preschool too. I would ask her how her day went and she always said good and that she had fun. Major positive in my eyes. It is not always easy to leave your child all day long away from you, but I know that she is taken care of and learning each and every day that she is there. The teachers are wonderful too as they are very engaging in their every day activities with the children. They do lots of activities and art projects together. Thank you so very much 3D Preschool!
-Tami Chao

Our son attended 3D Preschool for over 3 years till he started Kindergarten. The thing that was most comforting to us as parents was watching him go to school with a smile on his face. We know he was enjoying himself at 3D when some evenings he would ask us, “why were we early to pick him up?” We know he learnt well too when the private school we chose had no issues accepting him in Kindergarten. We believe that day cares/schools are usually only as good as the staff that runs them and we did not have a single issue with that at 3D. We were impressed that the staff recognized all the kids, regardless of the classrooms the kids belonged in. With preschoolers, along with a structure, there also needs to be a level of flexibility and compassion to respond to their needs, we found the staff to have that. Our day care choice for our second child is clear. Keep it up 3D!
-Ritika & Jasdeep Purdhani

My son attended 3D Preschool for two years. The staff was very caring and respectful. They made my sons transition to preschool so easy for him and myself. The teachers were loving and kind and provided my son with a fun learning environment. In the middle of his second year, 3D staff provided me with the appropriate feedback and tools to get my son prepared for kindergarten. I appreciated their efforts to work as a team in helping my son accerlerate in his preparation for reading. I cannot thank them enough. I particulary was impressed with the varied field trips, well planned weekly themes and mulitcultural learning experiences at 3D. To see my son go from a shy 3 year old up on stage for his first Winter Show to a confident 4 year old singing and dancing on stage at the end of his second year brought tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you 3D for creating a caring and positive learning experience for my son that will serve as a solid foundation for the rest of his school years. Thank you for fostering a wonderful community spirit amongst the parents and children. I look forward to my daughter being able to attend in the future.
-Elisa C.